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Providing winter shelter

Chris Reher, z5b
3 years ago


I'm in Ontario, in a small city. I've always had an abundance of birds in the garden, even though I feed only flax seed (thank you, tree rats, cats and grackles for ruining it for everyone). In the winter I get mainly chickadees, which I love. This week I got a swam of goldfinches, a rare sight in February north of Lake Ontario

After taking down a massive cedar hedge, the immediate neighborhood features only deciduous trees, none of them suited for tiny nests.

So, here's my question. Although my garden is small, I have room for a few small evergreens or something to give birds a place to hide between trips to the feeder. Can someone recommend a plant that doesn't get too massive? I have planted a couple of Burning Bushes, but they need to be kept in check for size and are, of course, also deciduous.

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