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Frontier Bad Phone and Cable Company- overcharges Widows

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Here's a warning to surviving spouses. NEVER TELL UTILITY COMPANY YOUR SPOUSE DIED.

My husband died. I foolishly called Frontier Communications to tell them to put my name on the account from now on. They express sympathy and condolences and say no problem. Next month bill comes in much higher than I had been paying. From then on, every monthly bill is a different amount, but all are higher than I had been paying before I told Frontier my husband died. BTW, the bills had been paid on MY credit card, not husband's. For several months, everytime I call them to complain about the incorrect bill, they say "No problem, they'll fix it." Well, my husband died last year and they still haven't gotten it right. I have to pay the high bill to keep my phone, TV and internet service. I filed a complaint with my state utility commission, but so far no action.

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