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Outdated Custom Cabinets Kitchen or Updated Modular Kitchen?

3 years ago

Tell me your opinion!

Would you prefer a kitchen that has outdated orange-ish real hardwood custom cabinets or a new modern looking modular (think IKEA) cabinets? Where do you think the resale/for rent value lies?

Our current kitchen is beautifully made with hardwood custom cabinets, black speckled granite countertops, and travertine backsplash. Yes, there's pink, orange, black, and brown in my kitchen! It's too much and very outdated.

So we've been considering updating the kitchen, however, we have plans to make this house a nice rental unit some day, so renovating a new custom kitchen seems cost prohibitive and unnecessary. This is where the IKEA/or modular cabinets come into mind with new engineered stone countertops and backsplash in modern colors.

But we can't help but feel that's a loss on value in the kitchen. Are we wrong?

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