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Anyone else making their own suet cakes?

4 years ago

Since real suet is rather hard to come by around my part of the universe, I typically use lard (comes in 1 or 2# blocks from the grocery), raw Spanish peanuts buzzed a few times in the food processor just to break them up slightly, the same BOSS and other bird seed I feed year round, plain yellow cornmeal and a small container of (cheap) chunky peanut butter. Occasionally, I'll find some shelled sunflower seed may or may not be roasted but it is unsalted) on the nut rack at the grocery and add that too. All are added to a stockpot and then poured into aluminum trays to cool in the frig to be cut into blocks later when firm.

The only issue I have with the lard based homemade blocks is that they're not suitable for temperatures much above 40-45° since they tend to slowly melt enough to drop all the intended and included seed goodies that they've been infused with. Typically, I don't even use suet feeders until the leaves have fallen and branches are bare which usually tends to take care of the melting issue.

Have tried most of the various brands, styles and ingredient type commercial suet blocks and although quite thrifty and easy to find, especially when bought in multi packs and are easy to use, my local birds show a definite distain for them. I still keep my seed feeder(s) filled as usual year round.

If you make your own cakes, give a short description of your process and materials used.

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