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Really need help with the issues I have with Home Depot

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello, Everyone, I believe a lot of people here remembering I started several posts to get help with my kitchen design. A lot of people helped me figure out there are a lot of design defaults in my first layout with an island and came up with a new design with a peninsula instead. I finally received the revised cabinets on Oct, 23rd. But unfortunately when I opened all the box and tried to reduce the smell from the cabinets, I found out my designer ordered the wrong door material for me. Everything I have is Evercore which is basically MDF, but I ordered the solid maple. There are several other mistakes also including the wrong size of the valence to cover my soffit, lacking of a toekich drawer for one of the cabinets, and no scooped drawer for my cooktop. Now my designer said it was me who changed mind to order the EVERCORE door. Home depot refused to change the cabinets even though I have already emailed their CEO. They did not even refund the cabinets I returned. I have already demoed my old kitchen since the first batch of cabinets I received on Aug. 14th.

I am going to hand it to my lawyer, but he is only available after 12th of this month. I have contacted my credit card company, but I only paid half of it with my credit card, I paid the other half with HD gift cards. Also my credit card company will need up to 90-120 days to get a result.

I do not know what to do with my kitchen now. I have a two year old and a freshman. It caused so much trouble for my family. Should I just install those cabinets I received in order to at least have a kitchen to use and change the door later on? Or should I leave those cabinets until the problem is solved and get new cabinets somewhere else now?

Any comments are appreciated. I am desperate.

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