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need advice on Ikea quartz countertop choice?

4 years ago

Hi I have tentatively chosen one of the concrete look countertops for Ikea white flat panel kitchen cabinets, but I have been reading some information on them and now, I'm not sure if that's the right choice. I tend to like a more modern/industrial look, but I also veer towards a midcentury modern/rustic/eclectic vibe as well. I always wanted black matte countertops, but I keep reading that the matte choice for countertops might be too much maintenance. I want something that is the least amount of maintenance as possible. Does anyone have any reviews of their quartz countertops good or bad? I want to hear personal experiences, please. Have you been happy with the choice you made? I know that Ikea's countertops are actually Caesarstone, so I have been reviewing my choice and looking at others. I know it's a wide range, but I'm still deciding if I want white, gray, or black counters. Any advice is much appreciated.

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