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Home Depot luxury vinyl planks -- I tested the tiles

Gina S
3 years ago

Lifeproof by Home Depot

I finally started testing the small samples from the Home Depot displays. I hit them with a screw driver, tried scratching them with the screwdriver, and then soaked them in the sink while I was working. When I got home I put them under a dining room chair to see if the samples dented.

I could not see anything visually to indicate damage. Only one of the samples dented when I hit it directly with the tip of the screw driver. But, it must have come out of it because I couldn't find the dents later.

Has anyone used this product? It is much less expensive than coretec.

I would consider it but I haven't been able to find a color that works for my remodel. They have a line that is 7 mm thick and comes in 8.7 in. width and 47.6 in. length. I love how long and wide the planks are. The planks look and feel as real as the coretec planks I've seen. Some (most) of the samples they have on display have a texture.

A negative is that the wear layer is 6 mil. I've looked at the coretec plus planks and their wear layer is 20 mil. I also started to look at a product that has a 40 mil wear layer -- oddly though I thought it looked more fake (like a picture placed on a wood plank).

The reviews are very positive. They were on sale recently. I wouldn't be surprised if they ran a special for labor day weekend.

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