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Anyone have Zline or Zephyr or Best Range Hoods?

4 years ago

I have a bummer of a dilemma... turns out I have to put in a ductless hood over a 36" Viking Range :( Thought I was going to be able to vent to the outside in this condominium but we can't make that work. So -- If it isn't going to function as I'd like - at least I'd like it to look beautiful. The kitchen has been designed with a 42" beautiful wall-chimney style stainless steel hood, so now I have to go to plan B.

So far best options I'm seeing are the Zephyr Venezia ($1500+$80 recirculating kit), and Zline ($500-ish). I've heard that Best has an option as well. I cannot find the Zline or Best in a show room to see them. Pretty big price difference and from descriptions and pictures online, it's really hard to tell how much difference there is in looks or functionality.

Would be so helpful to hear from anyone who has these or who has considered them. Thanks!

First pic is the Zephyr, second two are two Zline options.

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