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See what happens when......

4 years ago

......When you quit getting the local newspaper. :)

Funny....I found some sticks in there a couple weeks ago and thought it odd. then I remembered we had a storm and thought maybe they just blew in there, but that seemed weird.

Well, today I stopped to check the mail and a bird flew out. It was too fast to see if it was a Carolina or a House wren. My guess is a Carolina. I had them nest in an old paper receptacle I had in the barn once.

I need to put some kind of weather-proof sign up near there, so they don't give out free papers, like they sometimes do.

Those little guys make the best of just about anything for a nest.

Once in our barn, I had put an old one peck basket with the bottom cut out over the phone because birds kept pooping on it. Then I found a wren had made a nest in there beside the phone. haha

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