Saved Passwords ??


I use win 7 and I also use Firefox. I have several passwords saved on the Firefox ( not critical ones ). I plan on the near future to upgrade my computer and go to win 10. My question is ... are the passwords saved at Firefox or are they saved on my present computer?? If they are on my HD, is there a way I can back those up OR when I change over to win 10 will Firefox carry them over. Thank you.

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I just learned this when I bought a new laptop. Go to FF on your old computer and make a sign in, (something I never new). Once you sign in, you do the same on your new laptop. All my saved passwords and bookmarks appeared. I was beyond thrilled!

I forget where I went, maybe tools, account, something like that. Do it on your old computer and you can get everything on your new computers.


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When you ask if passwords are "saved at Firefox," it sounds that you have the impression that Firefox is a company that stores your passwords for you elsewhere than on your computer. Firefox is a browser -- like any other program that is installed on your computer -- and as a part of that program has a file that contains your passwords and they are on your hard drive. If you want to migrate them to another computer, take a look at this:

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