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Please educate me on soapstone counters. What do we need to consider?

A T@Home
4 years ago

We are still on the hunt for the perfect granite slabs that have the right balance of warm and cool tones to work with our white and cherry kitchen. Not too gold, not too grey. Starting to think what we want does not exist, does not exist in our area, or is a quartzite that is twice our budget. We've started to consider soapstone counters. We've always loved them, but we shy'd away from them in our search because we've heard they are soft and can scratch and chip. The more I read about them, it seems that is true, but it also sounds like most soapstone owners still love them and find them easy to oil and sometimes even easy to "repair".

My question is...Should we opt to go the soapstone route, what do we need to look for in slabs? What questions should we ask? When we go to slab yards, they all just read "Soapstone" and maybe they list country of origin. I understand there are different types of soapstone depending on where they are from. Are some harder than others? I've looked at some of the "Geology" threads here, but I couldn't find any that mention soapstone.

Honed black granite is also an option, but a family member has it and says it leaves water marks, oil stains, etc. My thinking is that at least with soapstone, you can oil the counters to blend some of that away.

Cabinets are going in next week, so we are already behind. Never thought it would take us this long to find a counter we like, but here we are.


White perimeter. Stained island.

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