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Kitchen sink depth for my 24 inch deep ikea cabinet

13 days ago


We'd like an undermount sink for our 36" Wx 24 "D ikea sektion cabinet. The main constraint is the sink drain needs to be on the left (left center would work best) due to some pre existing plumbing that cannot be moved. I like the Ruvati Tribeca sink, which has an external depth of 19".

These are the exact dimensions:

External: 32″ (wide) x 19″ (front-to-back)

Internal bowl dimensions: 30″ (wide) x 17″ (front-to-back) x 10″ (bowl depth)

My question is, will a 19 in depth fit in my 24 inch deep cabinet/counter? I'm assuming my cabinets are pretty standard size so this should work. The sink would be flush against the counter. I need some space for faucet (with front handle), backsplash and a little bit of counter in front of the sink. Would this work? I'd love your thoughts on this. Thank you!

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