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Will have to make a decision in July

3 years ago

I have free Avast on my 3-year old laptop. On a newer laptop I have the free subscription of McAfee provided with purchase of the computer which will run out in July. I'd rather they both be on the same product but I am wondering about this VPN protection that is being promoted now. I keep getting come-ons from Avast to purchase it along with paid versions of their other products. Is VPN protection necessary for a home-use only laptop? I used to use Norton which got expensive and they were constantly prodding me to purchase VPN protection along with their other product, Life-Lock which I found annoying. This computer that I use for leisure purposes is the one with the free Avast but the other one with the McAfee is the one I use for banking purposes, does that make a difference on whether VPN protection is necessary? I've also noticed that McAfee doesn't promote for VPN protection like Avast does. Also, still not sure that the free Avast guards against malware, is it necessary to add that extra? I know I keep asking questions over and over about this but I'm not tech savvy and all this hacking and virus stuff stresses me so please be kind.

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