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Galley kitchen remodel suggestions/help!

5 years ago

Hi All,

We are looking to do a full galley kitchen remodel but are restricted to the galley kitchen dimensions:

- one side is 16' long but we ideally don't want to fully extend the kitchen to 16' as that is the start of the entrance to the living room (see picture attached)

- other side is 11' long and is the same wall as the hallway to our entrance. We plan on knocking half the wall down so that we can see into the family room from the kitchen

- window side is approximately 8'3"

We have come up with the following concept but unfortunately haven't found a way to put a pantry in the kitchen (we really want to fit one!)

Any suggestions / advice / comments on the proposed concept are appreciated and/or other concept ideas are welcome. We would also be interested in the functionality of the proposed kitchen and anything else we should think about (i.e. lighting placement). Finally, any ideas on what to do with the halfwall would be helpful (we are thinking about putting in a long wooden plank that you can put stuff on top and have a "bar" look).

*picture of left wall

- 37" width fridge

- 30" stovetop with oven below it

- 18" garbage drawer

- 9" spice rack

- 15" blind shelf

*picture facing the window with the sink 36"

Any thoughts on what to do with the right side half wall?

*picture of right wall

- dishwasher is located ~24" away from sink for easier turn and access

Any thoughts on what to do with the right side half wall?

Thanks in advance for everyone thoughts and ideas!

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