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CHKDSK Problem. Alternatives?

3 years ago


The other day I decided to run a CHKDSK (ScanDisk) scheduled scan, but when the computer rebooted and wanted to start the scan I got an error message. It went by so quickly I did this two or three times to try to read it and I never got the actual number of the error. It said the CHKDSK couldn't run because some "recently installed software" was preventing it from doing so. It wanted me to go through a system restore to get it back to a point where the scan could be free to run.

Well, I don't know what the message means by "recent." Since I haven't run the scan in nearly a year, maybe it means "since the last scan." I don't want to put the two user accounts through the inconvenience of undoing a year's worth of modifications by making my way through a dozen system restores just to allow for the scan. Is there a safe, reliable, free alternative to the (Windows 7 Pro) built-in Scandisk feature that would do the same thing, including making any repairs?

Btw, I don't know what software the message could be referring to. A Palemoon update? A Vivaldi update? CCleaner update? A Windows update? I don't really have any brand-spanking-new software that I've gotten in the last few months.

Any suggestions, including, as I say, any alternative scan to run, would be most appreciated.


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