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Any advice to save own root rose dying back?

4 years ago

This is a, three year old plant in a,pot. I think I should have repotted it last year but I didn't. I was so busy, yea, no excuses but anyway this spring it made weak stems and leaves. I tried to feed but maybe the roots weren't strong. The new growth got fired. I took it out of the pot. Soil was garbage. Poor thing! So then I repotted removing half the soil and replacing with Sandy loam and sand. Put in shade a week to watch. All the foliage has dried and now dropped. The stems are drying up. I cut it back and now just have mature wood and I think the roots are viable. No great green last year canes. Hoping it will do something from the root or base of a branch. Really neat rose and can't get it again. Any suggestions for what to do. Build a humidity tent or just leave it alone? It hasn't been hot. It's in morning sun now. I blew it with this one but every other rose was fine, didn't burn. Cr#p.

Ps: no sign of root issues like galls, etc.

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