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Looking for ideas on how to run under cabinet lighting...

5 years ago

I have 1 more day till the drywall goes up and i still can't think of a good way to connect all my under cabinet lights to a single outlet and lighting transformer.

I basically have 3 groups of uppers, one above dishwasher, group between sink and fridge and then across the kitchen. The outlet and transformer will be located in cabinet above the fridge.

The main question is how to get the wire from the cabinet above the DW and the one across the kitchen back to the cabinet above the fridge? The floor joist above the kitchen run perpendicular to the window wall, so i don't think i can go through the ceiling.

Do i put some sort of junction box behind the cabinets with conduit running into the basement and then chase all the wires over to the fridge area and run them up conduit to a box that way? The trick here would be getting the wires into the boxes and down that conduit with cabinets in place but still hidden.

Also note that unlike the photo shows, i don't think we are going to do crown moulding, but instead put the cabinets nearly tight to the ceiling.


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