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Flooring for home with wood paneled ceilings

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We just moved into a 1993 Scanavian Farmhouse and are looking to replace the white tile/carpet throughout and advice for the tone/type of material to use. I typically have a strong eye for what I want, but am feeling unsure this time.

We like the charm and warmth of the paneled ceilings - and plan to remodel the kitchen in a few years, or at least paint the hickory cabinets to hold us over until then.

We like engineerd hardwood for warmth and durability (from experience), but open to other ideas. Keep in mind, we live in a moderately cold climate in winter, so the tile is cold and pellet stove is used to heat the home. Likely will keep the walls a moderne white as rooms are eastern facing with lots of natural light.

Any advice is appreciated.

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