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Pantry color in two-tone kitchen

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello! Working on finalizing our cabinet plan for our 1914 bungalow. We are doing a two-tone kitchen with shaker-style cabinets from Schrock. The lowers will be "Maritime" and the uppers will be "Dover" (pictured below, also with a schematic of the kitchen). The uppers on the side with the sink and dishwasher will have glass fronts of some sort. The floors are antique quartersawn heart pine (refinished from under a lot of tar) and the counters are tentatively going to be a honed black granite like Jet Mist. Oh, and we are eliminating the upper cabinets in between the two windows on the sink wall. Don't think we need them.

My question is about what to do with the floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet we are putting by the back door; it's got the door on the left and on the right, a window and a dummy cabinet (hiding a piece of old-house weirdness) in Maritime. Our current plan is to do the pantry in the Maritime color, but now I am kind of wondering if we should do all the cabinets in that whole run (upper and lower, from the pantry to the fridge) in Dover, so the only Maritime cabinets would be the lowers in the main part of the kitchen. Other thoughts are very welcome. Thank you!



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