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OBF Welcome the new Year--Welcome a snoppy Visitor

4 years ago

Happy New Year Ladies Hope it is Happy and Healthy for all.

Some of you old time members may remember Rocky the flying squirrel! He is here again and he told me he is ready for another cross country trip. He is on a mission, searching for two things.

1) as usual,he is HUNGRY so he is searching for his favorite snacks

2) being "Older and Wiser" he is hunting for Good Advice

If you are willing to let Rock visit,( remember, he is a squirrel. and sometimes gets into mischief) Sign up for this swap and start thinking about the things he is looking for.

Rocky will arrive with a snack to share with you and some approved squirrel food. You need to find him a new snack and approved squirrel food before you send him on his way. Send him ASAP before he gets bored and restless.

Post the snack he brought for you and try to guess what might be his Very Favorite Food.Pack him up with his food and send him on to the next player. Either first class...under 13 ounces or prioity mail.

Susan, SkyBlue will have a sealed envelope listing his two favorite snacks and she will open it as the end of the swap . If no one guessed either snack, we can vote on the best guess of the snacks that were sent.

While he is hunting for food we will be gathering Nuggets of Wisdom for him to ponder through the rest of the winter. Things like "waste not want not" or "a stitch in time saves nine". Newer ones like Reduce, Reuse Recycle are good too. Comments about saying are helpful, do you use it, where you learned it etc.

There will be two prizes one for the snack and one for the favorite saying ( decided by vote )

as I'm not sure the squirrley flyer will make a good choice.

Rocky is ready,Are YOU?

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