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Burman coffee roaster Freshroast SR500 + green coffee types

4 years ago

I received the Freshroast SR500 from Burman Coffee this week that I bought as a Christmas present for Kevin, and I've put everything back in the box, to wrap later. I bought directly from the Burman Coffee site, as they have the same price as Amazon PLUS they advertised as giving a free gift of 1.5 pound of green coffee. As it turns out, they gave me 3.5 pounds of green coffee, and so I am especially happy about that. Here's a list of the free coffee I received:

1# Ethipian Natural Yirgachette Gr. Gedeb Gotiti

1# Guat. Huehue Finca Vista Hermosa FVH

1/2# Papua New Guinea Carpenter Estates - Sigri Kula Peaberry

1# Kenya PB Nyeri Othaya Kamoini

I also ordered (and received) 2# Guatemalan BCT Select Premium Captzin Blend.

I know very little about these coffees, but I can understand why they sent only 1/2# of peaberry. I ordered the Guatemalan coffee because I remembered having some of the best coffee ever in Antigua, Guatemala, and it was a light or medium roast, which is what Kevin likes. Any coffee he roasts (I think) will be no more than medium roast, but I am wondering whether some of the coffees that they sent should be roasted beyond the medium stage. Personally, when I do drink coffee (which is fairly rare) I prefer dark roast. I think also that we can add half and half to cut the bitterness for dark roast, although for me, that is not necessary. With my new diet, dairy seems to be less of an issue, and so milk and cream do not bother my stomach the way they used to. Kevin has no problems with dairy.

What do you know about the coffees that they sent me, and what do you recommend that we buy in the future as green beans? I think what they sent is going to last a long time, however, but I want to know whether it is preferable to dark roast any of what I received.

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