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Scent of New Zealand Lemonade Tree

5 years ago

I have a blooming 1 year old New Zealand Lemonade tree and the scent is virtually nonexistent. Right now there is only 1 blossom open and more still forming on the branch and another branch is putting out another flush with the beginnings of more blossoms. I know other folks here have purchased NZL trees from Four Winds Growers as I and was wondering if any of your trees have bloomed. Is there a scent? I really expected the scent to be as strong as my Meyer.

There is very little info online about this variety. Would you share what you have noticed about this variety in comparison to your other citrus trees? My tree is growing in a V-shape right now and just starting to bloom. I received this tree in late March so I am ecstatic that I have blossoms already.

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