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What do I do if I have overwatered my snake plant?

(Actually it’s kind of a whole mess)

So I think I may have accidentally over watered my snake plant. This week hasn’t been such a nice week for the poor thing.

I guess lets start at the beginning of the month. The plant was doing pretty all right. its Two pups were growing well. It‘s 3 new, bright green leaves were growing taller by the week. It over all seemed happy. I was going for that minimal care approach most people go with. Not necessarily neglecting the thing, but lettting it do it’s own thing and almost forgetting it’s there.

I start my story at the beginning of this month because that’s when I purchased a new ceiling fan for my room. Before I pretty much had a light bulb sticking out of the ceiling. When I turned on the light for the first time I noticed the room was now much darker. I thought this was actually pretty nice because it made everything more relaxed. But I forgot about the living thing sitting on the shelf above my desk that kind of needs light to survive. And for the next two weeks since I had the new ceiling fan I, for some reason, was forgetting to open the curtains in window.

Now it’s this week and I finally notice the plant was having problems. Two if its tall new leaves were completely white and two of its old leaves were browning. At first I thought it jus need water. The soil seemed dry so I rushed to got water it. (You see, I think this is really where the problems the plant is experiencing now began, watering it was probably a mistake)

So for the rest of the week I basically did everything people told me to. Repot it, give it more sun, and water it. I did all of which but despite my efforts, 4 leaves have died with one more yellowing. I also accidentally broke off a pup from the root ball when repotting, which I have no idea how that happened. I gently, and I mean very gently, patted the soil around the plant and just heard a snap. The pup is now sitting in a shot glass with its root sitting in some water. I was told this would help the roots get going. Its been there for 3 days now and you can see little hairs flutting around in the water coming from the pup, but who knows if those are actually roots.

The main reason I ask about over watering is because I really think that’s where most of these problems it’s having right now cane from. I can’t help but think if I had just gave it light and did nothing it would have recuperated. And now another leaf has died today, with another yellowing, and the pup now even has a sort of mushy leaf, which I think is defineatly from over watering.

Is there anything I can do if I have over watered the plant to prevent more damage?

The Only thing I can think to do now is ignore the plant like I did before all this mess and hope for the best. Just give it sun and leave it be.

I’m probably going to go to the store soon to purchase a new plant because there probably isn’t much I can do with this one. I have always wanted to get another one anyways, but I think I may have to now. Just to start fresh

I don‘t think the plant will die completely, it still has little leaves in the center waiting to grow, but who knows what will happen right?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

heres some photos If that helps

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