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Need help/input for updating honey oak country kitchen!

Hi! First time poster, please go easy on me! ;D

I have a rental property that is in need of updating those classic honey oak cabinets. There is honey oak wood flooring and white laminate counters with a honey oak trim piece all the way around. This was a very cute country kitchen, but definitely dated. We steamed off all of the chicken wall paper and initially painted it this awesome blue color, which down played the blue back splash tile work and in my opinion modernized the place a bit. The cabinets are still what they are though, and to be fair hubby never liked the blue (or any other of my colors - ha ha)

ANYWAY, as it is a rental, there is currently some pretty severe damage to the current hardwood floors and so we are looking at overhauling this area for an updated look, because we have to refinish anyway and possibly replace the floors in general due to the amount of damage. I think it will be hard to match or lace in to this area easily, because the planks are 3.5", which it turns out is a bit odd.

Due to the carpets also being severely damaged, we are looking at replacing all of the flooring in this home with a laminate or vinyl plank material everywhere except the bathrooms. I just feel the current honey on honey on honey is a bit much and am looking to bounce some ideas on how to freshen it up, without spending tooooooo much money! I feel like the flooring is a huge deal and I need to have some contrast from there. That is mainly where painting the cabinets came from. Due to the snow, I don't want anything too dark. Dark floors show everything!

It really is a nice size, with good bones. There is a bread roller and a pantry around the corner with a lovely white wood door. I do love some of the trim work and mouldings. I am excited for the potential here.

The house/walls will be painted (double) Aspen White with a bright white for the trim and doors, so pretty neutral to give it a generic tenant friendly lift. It will be sad to see this blue go, alas, I want to appeal to more renters going forward.

I have been googling and looking at refinishing the cabinets in white, with an excessive amount of poly coats at the end to try and maintain the job as long as possible. I also think white really neutralizes the curved arches of the cabinet doors, from looking at other posts. I am hesitant to paint the cabinets due to time and finish OCD, let alone the sadness of how hard some tenants are on homes.

I kind of don't want to go down this rabbit hole, but also want to appeal to more tenants going forward and stop this home from being the neighborhood eyesore.

At any rate, this is a bi level home, so really an open floor plan (ish - there is a wall behind the fridge wall, and the living room/stairs/hall to bedrooms is behind that) with an eat in kitchen.

Sorry for the long post. Summary of current thoughts:

- Change out flooring, possibly to a different color, do not want to be too trendy though. (color samples attached). This will be going through the entire house I believe. (we are in Colorado, tile is not really an option except in bathrooms, and I am over replacing soiled carpets)

- Remove window valance and any drapery type coverings

- Remove wood valance over window?

- Change and/or spray the pulls

- Possibly update the cabinets to a white

- Possibly refinish the counters and tile backsplash (to get rid of the blue mainly is the thought), miracle method style (which has held up wonderfully in my bathroom, knock wood) or maybe knock out the tile and replace with something classic but fresh.

- Not too keen to change appliances, but a dog attacked the dishwasher, so that might turn into a whole thing. Which sucks, because drop in stoves are hard to find ? Might be able to just cut into the frame of the lower cabinet for a regular stove though, if I go this route??

- The light. I'm not sure about that. It works well though. There is also lighting under the wood window valance. Considered pendant lights instead - but there is a beautiful view of the park from this window, so unsure.

- Keep all of the wainscoting, it is beautiful and in good shape.

Baaaaasically, a total gut job, potentially. I would love any design thoughts or ideas on this though, especially if they save costs, but also if you feel this is a good/terrible idea, or have alternative suggestions. I'm a little alone on the decision making part of this and love to bounce ideas.

Thank you for any thoughts! I am excited to hear from this seemingly awesome community.

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