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Is it too late in the season to repot my Money Tree/Pachira Aquatica?

Niko N
4 years ago

Hi All,

I purchased this little money tree almost 2 weeks ago and I'm starting to think it need to be repotted. It came in 3in plastic pot leaning quite a bit, I potted up to a 4.5in painted terra cotta pot, staked it with a chopstick in hopes of providing support, and watered. Yesterday I noticed it has dropped some yellowed leaves and was back to leaning significantly, with some of the green leaves up to looking wrinkled and the bottom of the trunks looking suspiciously damp but not soft. There is some new growth happening at various spots. I did not inspect the roots thoroughly first time around so I would like to re-pot completely to get a good look at the roots, provide more stability in a larger pot, and also to set it in a better-draining soil mix (suggestions would be welcome).

I've read that early June is the best time to re-pot these plants, can I still do so now in early July or should I scrap this plan and wait until the spring? Right now I have it sitting on a shelf near a Western-facing window.

Thanks all for your help!

After initial potting up

Leaning significantly!

It's hard to get a clear photo of the base of the trunks, but they seem very damp. The tree came potted in a sort of peat-y mix which doesn't seem ideal and I don't have anything on hand that I could mix up for better drainage...

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