Recipes For Those Who Struggle To Swallow

Jakkom Katsu

Foams and Purees: cookbooks serve up recipes
for those who struggle to swallow:

Cookbooks for swallowing disorders

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albert_135   39.17°N 119.76°W 4695ft.

Could V8 be incorporated into you menu?

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Interesting read and I will have to look for the books at the bookstore to see what equipment is used. Any liquid can be mixed with the various thickening agents available to be used as a drink. Once pureed or as a liquid unflavored gelatin can be used to form a more solid substance. A caution on the varying thickening agents is that some form a jell around the thickening agent particles, type used in husband's NH, while others will thicken the liquid into a mass. Each person who needs thickening may need to try several before they can find one that they do not object to. Friend Charley had to try several to find one that he could tolerate and did not upset his digestive track.

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