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Gifted beautiful fiddle leaf fig plants I think I injured them badly!

Julie Fleischman
4 years ago

Hello! I was gifted two beautiful 8ft tall fiddle leaf fog plants. They are gorgeous! Not as gorgeous as they were though :/ A client was moving out of state and couldn’t take them, I didn’t know what to do with them. Left them outside overnight in the wind (knocked over) then through the next day in the upper 80s direct desert sunlight. Needless to say I’ve got burned leaves, I think they are happy in their new location and have stopped dropping leaves now. I’m watering well about once a week and misting every other day because we’re so dry here. My question. Should I remove the damaged leaves or will that stress the plants out more? Many are half a healthy green or all green and the bottoms are red. Is there anything else I can do to support them adapting to their new environment? I don’t have a lot of luck with plants and really want these magnificent beauties to thrive. Thank you!

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