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how to make cheap 70's cabinets look nicer

5 years ago
Our house (double-wide manufactured home) was built in the 70s, so you can imagine how the kitchen looks: tiny and ugly. ☹️ At least the stove and fridge are new-ish! I'm desperate to do something to make the kitchen look a little nicer, especially the cheap cabinets. I literally can't afford to replace even the cabinet doors. We are repairing all the drawers that fall out! I'm replacing the pulls but that's all I can do. Can I paint the cabinets? Will the paint cover well and will it stick? What prep work would I need to do? Is there a special kind of paint I would need? anything else I should consider, tips or other options? Any other inexpensive ideas for an overall update? I welcome any and all ideas! Thank you!

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