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Migration is finally starting!

5 years ago

I live in central Indiana. Migration is a bit slow this year, but for about a week, I've been seeing golden crowned kinglets in my pines. They are pretty hard to get good shots of, since they flit around so quickly. None of those pics came out well. But.....I saw another bird close by and took a bunch of pics of it. Just a couple turned out, but enough to tell me it is probably a male northern parula! This is so exciting. About 3 years ago, I started hearing a new bird. Finally figured out it was a northern parula. But they usually are so high up in the trees that you can't get a good shot of them. Well, this one was kind enough to be close to my window, in a sweetgum tree. Do you think it is, indeed, a parula? It looks just like the pic in my bird book. Beautiful! Sorry the pics aren't better.....but they're good enough. :)

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