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Adding Heat & AC to Basement during Remodel

Norah Mahon
6 years ago

We are remodeling our basement to add a bathroom/laundry room. The finished area will also have a storage room and living space (total finished area will be approx 1000 sq ft. The entire basement is below grade level.

Right now, all the walls are down to framing so we thought it would be a good idea to add heating and A/C, neither of which existing in the space before. While everything is ripped out, we will be adding insulation and installing sheet rock walls (previously it was 70s wood paneling)

We have received a quote ranging from $10k - $13k to complete this project (we live up in CT)

The quote includes the following equipment:

First Co 24HBXB-HTXV-410A Air handler 13/14 SEER (unit w ducts will measure about 20"D x 70"W)

1 Lennox 13ACX024 410A A/C unit

1 Condensing unit pad

1 50ft refrigeration line (3/4" X 3/8" X 50')

1 Condensate pump

1 Honeywell pro 3000 digital T-stat

Anyone who has installed use these brands? Or would recommend different brands? Does pricing sound about right? Any way to conceal the First Co unit as it will be sitting on floor of work room which is just off of finished basement area? What can we expect as far as noise level? There is a sitting room on main level above the work room.

The rest of the house is heated/cooled by baseboard heat(oil furnace) and central A/C. As with most below grade basements, the area feels cool in summer but humid (used portable dehumidifier to remove moisture) and cold in winter. We have cylinder block foundation so we had contractor use apply Drylok to walls before adding framing. Only had water in basement once due to pool drainage but don't want to risk possible future water damage once basement is redone. Contractor plans on using foam insulation...not sure if this will make much of a difference to current seasonal temps.


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