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80s oak kitchen--any thoughts?

5 years ago

Dear kitchen geniuses, do you have any thoughts on my 80s kitchen (below)?

I had considered a big remodel (so the kitchen looks into the backyard) but it's too $$$. I may move in 2-3 years or then again, maybe not. Thoughts on what I should do? I don't think it makes sense to put countertops on these oak particleboard cabinets (or bothering to paint them). The counters, sink, and floor are old. (But hey, when I put a rug over the floor, there's less of it to hate). My appliances are geriatric too. Do I remodel or just tough it out? If I tough it out, can this be improved at all???? Some of the cabinets currently have knobs, and as an experiment, I swapped a couple clear crystal ones to mission style (from a dresser). I think that makes sense. More rugs? ??? Go for broke and remodel the kitchen in a cost-mindful way? I am concerned about chemical exposure, so I don't want any vinyl or plastic surfaces (or cheap Chinese cabinets) that can offgas nasty stuff.

BTW, on the floor in the second photo are a few porcelain tile samples, the best I've found (so far) that go w/ the Doug Fir floor (they are crema marfil copycats from Sri Lanka). Oh, and there's a weird floor transition just past the stove, where the previous owners did a second addition. My GC thinks he can reduce the height of the kitchen floor and move that transition to the doorways, so it's less of a trip hazard.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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