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dairy free milk replacement

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I was trying to find a non-dairy milk replacement. Googling, I read that soy was the closest...I picked some up but my first turn off was the color. It was sorta thick...taste was just ok.

DD uses almond milk and I didn't really care for that.

What should I try next? It would mainly be for cereal. I'm trying to find something my son can use instead of's not a lactose thing. He has eczema and acne and a friend of his stopped dairy and it make a big difference in their eczema and I've read cutting out dairy can help with acne.

ETA: ok, I just did a side by side comparing the soy milk and almond milk, I actually like the almond milk better that the soy. It was a little thin but taste was a little better than the soy. It is Almond Breeze, original flavor. Not sure if my son would like it or not.

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