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knee trembling- Whetstone Garden

Oh my goodness. You know that moment when you first see a rose, and the breath leaves your body? "What. Is. That?!" I was peeking at last year's gallica photo share thread, and drooling over everyone's roses. Then Paul has to go and share his roses, and thanks goodness my bottom was already on the couch. Because holy! What a rose that Whetstone Garden is. Why is this rose not in every garden center nation wide? How did I not know this existed?! You all know I have a tiny little (gigantic enormous) thing for Gallicandy, and apparently this is it's baby?

Go look. Drool. Wonder. (ps which of my offspring do I need to offer up to get a sucker from this plant?!) I need to make that all Barden bed in my side yard... hrmmm.

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