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Need advice how to handle marble countertop manufacturer twist.

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago


We are remodeling master bathroom and selected beautiful marble countertop. The vanity size is 80 by 22 with one cutout for the sink plus backsplash and sidesplash. We work with the company which has good reviews and is located close to our house, merely 2 miles. Selected slab, did layout, paid 50%. During layout process the sales rep never mentioned that 80 by 4 backsplash it too large piece and has to be cut in two and installed with seam. Instead he advised that backsplash has to be a "continuation of the movement from main piece of countertop". He marked the backsplash layout with tape as a one piece. I would not of agreed on the two pieces with seam anyway because the marble is white and the movement is so subtle that the seam would be very noticable. But as I said above, the a possibility of the seam weren't even mentioned. However, during the installation they brought two pieces for backsplash. I refused and had a conversation with them and NOW they say that this marble is very soft and can't be cut out in one piece. I do not want to have a seam on white marble on backsplash. It will spoil the whole look. Please share with me your thoughts on how to handle the situation.

Thank you so much

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