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Design Dilemma: Suggestions needed for odd-shaped wall

5 years ago

Hello Creative Designers!

Here is a photo of our current living room. We have an odd-shaped wall that needs warmth. We will be installing 8-inch wide, white oak flooring next month. The look of the home will be farmhouse, but not trendy, just traditional/casual. The real problem I have with this room is that the fireplace is on the north wall, a much larger TV will be mounted on the west wall, and the floor-to-ceiling windows (that look out to a gorgeous view) are on the south. Having 3 focal points (not that a TV is a focal point, but I think you understand what I am saying) is awkward, but I don't really want the TV mounted on top of the fireplace (I think it would be too high). If we mount a much larger TV on the wall, how do you decorate the wall around it?

Any decorating advice is greatly appreciated! Keep in mind that none of the furniture shown in this photo is staying.

Thank you!

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