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Soft blue gray for gender neutral nursery

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello again! A year after getting fantastic help on a yellow debacle sun room, I'm back for more help.......this time with a nursery :) I've started wading through paint samples but am hoping to get some help focusing in on the colors best for me to try. We are not finding out what we are having (due late July) so right now I'm thinking a soft, gray/blue type paint color to be sort of sky/cloudy day themed and then do pops of color with the decor. Something soothing and calming but not cold or depressing.

The room is east facing with a window to the east and one to the north as well. It gets a good amount of light the first part of the day, obviously and then shades in. We have paper window coverings at this point but will be doing shades in a medium toned gray. The carpet is a soft cream color, white trim and furniture is likely to be either dark cherry or espresso-toned, which should help bring in some warmth. The whole room will be sort of a lighter version of our bedroom across the hall which has the same carpet, shades, trim, dark cherry furniture and then BM Mineral Alloy as the paint color. The hallways are BM Gray Owl and the north-facing bathroom next to the baby's room is SW Rainwashed.

We had some samples left over from our bathroom which is BM Whitestone but in the nursery, that became extremely dull, gray, and depressing. Nothing at all like the sophisticated, soothing gray-blue color it is in the windowless bathroom!

Right now I have painted samples (on big sheets of paper, not on the wall at this point) up of BM First Snowfall (too cold and icy blue), and then four from yesterday: Gray Sky (too light and probably too gray), Silver Cloud (too light and leaned purple), Iceberg, and Constellation. The last two were our favorites under the artificial light last night, with Constellation seeming just a bit softer, which we liked. This morning with the morning light just starting to peek in (sun technically wasn't up yet) was decidedly blue-green. It's not a bad look but I think we'd like it to stay more blue. I'm crossing my fingers that it will come back blue in full daylight because we're mostly going to see the color at night and daytime on weekends. Iceberg still seems a bit strong.

I'll look at them again this weekend in full daytime light, but my guess is Constellation is still going to lean greener than preferred. So I'm interested in other colors that are about the same intensity and tone, just leaning a bit more blue. Absolutely do not want a purple tone though - would take slight green over slight purple!

Inspiration links - love this nursery, the floor is the furniture color we're likely to go after and the rug is the same color as our carpet. It leans just a touch green in the photos which is fine to me. I literally just want exactly how this color looks in photos on my screen. She used BM Woodlawn Blue but that had seemed too strong and green on the paint chip?

BM Smoke - again, had seemed too strong on the chip and green. Husband liked it on the chip though and I like it in this picture (and many others).

Any ideas of other samples to try out are much welcomed!

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