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Meyer lemon: why don't I like it?

6 years ago

Hi all. So we bought a home and inherited 3 Meyer lemon trees. I was so excited!! I had heard so much about these meyer lemons before moving to SoCal and now we actually owned 3 of the trees!! Couldn't wait for winter to harvest them.

Imagine my utter surprise when we cut the first lemon and it didn't taste too good at all. We figured maybe something was wrong with THAT particular lemon and proceeded to cut the next one, and the next....... and they all tasted the same! No one from my family cared for them at all. Guess we expected them to taste like a lemon but a better quality lemon. And every one in my family hated them!! So we have all these meyer lemons from 3 trees and they are utterly useless to us. Is something WRONG with our family? Or are there others who don't necessarily care for Meyer lemons either?

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