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advice on best front door color for green house

6 years ago
We need to replace front door on our home. House is what I’d call dark hunter green. Photo of paint color (photo 1) is decent facsimile if it’s not clear from photo of house itself (photo 2). Note that the fishtail shingles from roof down to white trim above upper deck were replaced and are now white not green.
Our plan is to replace front door with a paned door and sidelights (see photo 3) with curved transom above. Planned to go with white door (to match windows and trim) rather than the wood color but now considering going with wood or possibly some pop of color but no idea what would work with the green. Please don’t suggest green door since I hate the color and only have it on the house because that’s how it came and they are non-paintable shingles).
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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