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Please Help Me Choose My 36" Gas Range (Big Chill; Smeg; Berlazonni)

Jimmy Row
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

After extensive research on colored 36" gas ranges, we are down to these three:

Big Chill Classic

Smeg Victoria

Berlazonni Heritage

Leaning towards Big Chill. Ranges made to order and ovens built by Blue Star. Only four (albeit big) burners compared to 5 & 6 for Smeg and Berlazonni, but the BTUs are there (18K x2; 10K and 6K). Oven hits 30,000 BTU and infrared broiler cranks up to 15,000. Apparently, ranges can be serviced by any authorized Blue Star service co., which is a plus. And price point is solid ($5K compared to $6500 for Berlazonni; Smeg is $4500). Also allows us to select bronze finish for handles and knobs unlike the other brands, which only offer chrome. That said, I live in NYC and there is no floor unit I can see within Tri-State area nor can I find any reviews on this model (unlike the retro models).

This vid from Big Chill founder was helpful, though:

Thoughts or suggestions? Have I missed any brands that fit the bill? Not interested in Viking or Lacanche or La Cornu. Blue Star, regrettably, features stainless steel backing against the controls regardless of the range's color selection which does not mesh with our aesthetic. Many thanks!

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