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Fuyu or coffee cake/chocolate persimmon?

6 years ago

After trying a neighbors persimmons firm ripe this year, I'd like to try growing some trees of my own. I believe his tree is a fuyu variety and they were very good. Dave Wilson Nursery here in Socal, a wholesaler that has grown most of my other fruit trees is really pushing a double planting of their named varieties coffee cake and chocolate. Coffeecake is Nishimura Wase. I'm not sure what variety chocolate is but it's the pollinizer for Nishimura Wase.

I don't have room for 2 plantings, don't really have room for any more but you know how that goes. I can plant both coffeecake and chocolate in a single hole so it will take up less space. So, which would you suggest? I am in Inland Southern California 9B.

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