Good Soil for Leonotis Leonurus (Member of Mint Family)?

westes Zone 9b California SF Bay(Zone 9a)

Leonotis Leonurus is a member of the Lamiaceae (mint) family, and it is native to South Africa. It basically looks like a tall growing weed that gives off a fantastic display of flowers. The plant is also known by common names like Lions Ear, Lions Mane, and Lions Tail. My question is what is the best soil mix for this plant?

The best reference I could find for this plant was here, and this page argues that the plant is not fussy about soil, but it likes alkaline to neutral pH. I was going to try to grow it in shredded fir bark and turface, which is what I use with rhododendrons, but I guess that will be a very acidic soil. What is another fast draining soil material that would be more towards the alkaline side, or at least neutral?

These will be planted in containers, so I really don't want to use water-retaining soil materials like peat. The containers will be attached to an irrigation system, so I won't worry about the soil getting too dried out. I could use gritty mix, but that is probably overkill for such a robust plant that tolerates such wide conditions. But I'm trying to find a soil that will make these plants thrive, not just a soil in which they can survive.

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WoodsTea 6a MO(6a)

This is a better question for the Container Gardening or House Plants forum. If it were me I'd use gritty, though. You might consider using something like Pro-Tekt to increase pH a little.

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westes Zone 9b California SF Bay(Zone 9a)

Okay, I posted this question on Container Gardening, thanks

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