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Kitchenaid appliance or suggestions for another brand - mid range

6 years ago

Our Jennair microwave just bit the dust. We went to an appliance store today and got a quote for a package on Kitchenaid appliances - microwave, double oven freestanding gas stove, cabinet depth fridge and dishwasher - about $4500. My husband likes the appliances to all match - brand - and we are also going with stainless.

Our current home came with all Jennair appliances with the exception of the fridge. We bought a Kennmore Elite french door style - which I really like but it is not a counter depth one and also the ice maker in the door seems to not work anymore (8 years old). There are only 2 of us at home now also so a huge fridge isn't necessary. I never considered a side by side before.

I do not have the space for a wall oven etc. but am now wondering if I should consider other brands for mid range appliances or consider other things. I have reviewed a lot of the other discussions and did not see too many regarding how anyone felt about Kitchen Aid. I am a bit concerned that they don't seem to be Energy Star rated.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!!!

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