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"mad libs" - auto-correct and/or spell check style??

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

so i never learned proper typing in school... back in the days of actual typewriters. i'n envious of anyone who doesn't need to constantly look at their fingers/kjeys. have developed my own system over the years and can be pretty quick and accurate most times. i know I've been typing too long when i have all the right letters but not in right order. bugs me when something is wrong but not wrong enough for spell check to catch... like "tot he" for "to the". a rarely post something without correcting the obvious spelling boo boos. i will go back and edit if i notice something later... if i use wrong your/you're or there/their/they're. personally i might be tiniest bit judgemental about something like that?!? right to do... no... but it does happen, admit it!

most times, when you do go to spell check, the word you really wanted is the first one suggested. do you ever look past THAT word? probably not. you should look at some of the suggestions just for giggles. remember that old a2 + b2 = c2 thing from geometry? remember that guy pithigoris? or was that pithaguris? suggestion for pithigoris - pithiness. suggestion for pithaguris - Pittsburgh! suggestion for Pitteburgh (typo) - litterbug. suggestion for kjeys - jerseys.

any spelling/typos in this post are intentional though will make me itch to post this way.

next time you use spell check, check the suggestions!!

i don't do a lot of texting. if an auto-correct is outlandish enough yet context is still clear (in something not serious like work texts) i leave it as is. a few months ago, texted sister about "going to orthopedics" and it came out "greasy oysters"?? i let her figure THAT one out!

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