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100% Water Retaining Gritty Mix for my summers?

Helen Agius (Adelaide,Sth Aus) USDA Z10b
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I've been planning to use an inorganic gritty mix for some time now and having a hard time finding enough products the right size. I'm getting there though. But now I'm realising that, with me away a week at a time, they are already struggling and it's not even hot yet!!!

I'm going to tie some heavy and and some medium shade cloth to the balcony as well.

The mix ingredients I'm thinking of using are pumice, Vermiculite (if it's inorganic), perlite, scoria (no luck finding it small enough so far though), a turface alternative if I can find one, charcoal I haven't even researched what that means yet, expanded shale I haven't heard of nor looked for yet.

Any opinions on 100% water retaning inorganic mix? Has anyone else done it? I'm happy to repot into a drier mix later for those plants that need it for the wet winters.

Thanks for any comments

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