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Kitchen cabinets: paint, reface, or buy new... oh my!

5 years ago

I have consulted with cabinet painters, refacers, and a designer for new cabinets. Each of them poses valid reasons why I should choose their option. My kitchen cabinets are 6 years old and of medium quality. They are Merrilat. They are not dovetailed or soft close drawers. 2 of the heavily used drawer panels have recently fallen off but the supplier came and screwed them back securely. I live in a nice home and resale would be above $500,000. I do not plan to move in the next 10 years.

My Goal: to brighten up my kitchen area preferably to a soft white. The cabinets and floor are the same color and need a contrast. The layout does not need much changing just a few tweeks.

Changes to be made:

1. My microwave above my gas cooktop is not vented. I cook a lot and am tired of lingering smells. It recently died and the size is no longer made. Replace with a blower installed inside a cabinetry hood.

2. Add glass doors to my Butler's pantry

3. Remove the desk area and replace to create a one level area of cabinetry.

4. Add a cabinet piece by the desk to house a microwave drawer.

5. backsplash

6. countertops


1. Purchase new cabinetry pieces from Merrilat and then have everything painted.

2. Reface cabinetry and let them create the needed pieces.

3. Purchase new cabinetry.

I would really appreciate some honest opinions from those that will not benefit from my decision. I am really struggling with what to do. Thank you for all input.

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