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Need help for a ficus lyrata!

Julianne Tan
5 years ago

Hello everyone!

Really need some help for a new ficus lyrata that doesn't seem to be doing too well. Have had it for about 2 months. I'm from Singapore (tropical climate), but this plant is kept indoors in an air-conditioned environment, next to full length glass windows.

Air-conditioning is on for most of the day. We have had some issues with high humidity (approx. 80-85%) with the air-conditioning, but that has been resolved and it's closer to 60-70% humidity. The pot has no drainage holes on the bottom -- we were concerned about this but we see many flourishing fiddle leaf figs in corporate offices in similar pots.

We were first advised by the nursery to water with half a glass of water every 4 days. But we soon felt that we were over-watering, as leaves started to fall. In particular, the tallest trunk (on the right hand side in the pic below) has lost almost all its leaves at the bottom. Many of the lower leaves of the other trunks have also started to droop slightly.

We're also seeing brown spots on the leaves, and that the green colour is not as dark as before. Also haven't seen any new growth.

It may not seem all that bad now, but we're hoping to stop any further damage/mistakes and prevent further leaf loss. Any help would be really appreciated!!

When it first arrived:


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