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6 years ago

I've been lurking here awhile, and decided to finally post.

I live in a small 1 BR apt. I brought in some old wooden dresser drawers I found by the dumpster, and was going to make a bookcase out of them like I'd seen on Pinterest. I stacked them up in the hallway, where they fit very well against the wall, not interfering with the door opening. I was thinking about how to create more vertical storage space somewhere for small items, and it suddenly occurred to me that those drawers with shelves added and painted a pretty color would fit perfectly on that wall! Why I had never though of it before is beyond me, as they have been sitting there forever!

I have my old childhood dresser that is in pitiful shape, but the drawers are still good, so for sentimental value, I was going to use them as shelves. The top drawers are the same depth as these, so I can add them to the shelving unit. I also picked up some old shelving from a broken up entertainment center once, and I can cut that down and use it for shelves. I have a full gallon of white latex paint that was given to me, so all I need is the hardware to hold it together.

Now I have a new project! I'll come post pictures when it's done.

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