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Oh no! What have I done!? XD

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Nothing horrible, I assure you! Feel free to be a smart-ass and tell me "Well, obviously Usagi, you've laid out a bunch of seed packets on a grey sheet". ;)

Im so excited! And nervous! Either tonight or tomorrow evening I'm glueing together some thick foam insulating sheets to build a few small propogation boxes. Just need to pick up a fan for ventilation and a few more bulbs. Humidity will be taken care of with a ziploc baggie seal, but my house temps fluctuate wildly with unpredictable Pacific North West weather. (Seriously 80 degrees last week and now 60s?)

I'm going to start germinating seeds because I enjoy doing plant things like repotting, examining, fussing, but succulents do better without fussing. Hoping germinating seeds will give me some more plant activities to do.

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