Pond advice required

thefof Zone 8/9 UK

When I moved into my current abode, there was a pond in the front garden, about 18 month old. It is 4.5 m x 4.5m, with a 900mm wide shelf all the way around with 2"-4" depth.. The centre 2.7m x 2.7m has a depth of ~1. 5m.

To stock it he threw in, as I have since discovered, some variety of pennywort, what I believe is a Myriophyllum spp., a deep water oxygenator, and Fairy moss (Azolla) :-(( , along with 2 water lilies. Oh, and sticklebacks. :=))

Water was "clear", but first priority was to eliminate the Azolla. Once achieved, I built a small waterfall feature. Can't have too much oxygenated water. Also noticed that the water lilies only had a few leaves and only one flower between them. By chance, I managed to get hold of another water lily, so I planted it
up and put it in, as the existing ones were a bit pathetic.

This year, the water is crystal clear. I can now see that the whole of the deep water is full of the deep water oxygenator. All the lilies are doing well this year. Well, almost! The white one, which had 1 flower last year, managed 3 this year, but the other, original, one have gone "Whooppee!!! I'm alive" and flowered like mad, as did the new one.

By accident I discovered why the original lilies had grown so poorly. In checking the waterfall pump, I disturbed one of them, which promptly floated to the surface. On checking I found that the basket it was in was the nursery basket it was in when first got from the garden centre. I just weighted it down a bit to keep it as much under water as I could.

What I plan to do is:

1..... Wait for the last 2 buds, now breaking surface, to finish, then pull it out, trim all leaves off, replant into proper basket.

2.... Remove the poor performing white.

3.... Heavily trim the pennywort back.

4.... Remove the Myriophyllum spp. as it seems redundent, as the only foliage, is above water.

5.... Thin out the Deep water oxygenator.

Any comments as to 1 (wrong time of year??)

How much of the deep water oxygenator can I remove?.

Have also added Rudd and Golden Rudd, Golden and Blue Orfe.



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