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Citrus beginner in need of some help w/ yellowing leaves

Myles Allan
6 years ago

I'm new to citrus trees. Last month I repotted a lemon tree, and it was doing well up until a week or so ago. Some of the leaves are yellowing, and fragile. I've given the tree citrus and avocado fertilizer, it's planted in well draining soil, and it gets sunshine nearly all day.

Based on a few web searches, my best guess is the tree got over watered. I'm hoping someone with more experience can either confirm that is what happened, or let me know what the issue is.

Advice on the best way to bring it back to full health and prevent it from happening again would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

P.s. for anyone curious about the sticks in the photo, my patio is high up, and it can get a bit breezy. The sticks are just for reinforcement until the roots are more established. There is plenty of space between the zap strap and the trunk, so water doesn't collect on the trunk and cause rot.

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